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Where the money rules the girls and they like it …

Welcome to Money Talks – Where we find out just how far people will go for cold, hard, cash! We show how far will go people for money!
moneytalks-amateur-bitches-fuck-for-money-tanyaThis week on moneytalks we are having a lil fun in the snow. havoc pays a couple of gorgeous girls to make some naked snow angels. next havoc finds this one open couple and with some cash she convinces them to fool around on the moving gandola. our crew has taken over a spot in the swap shop for the main event. we got lots of cash with us and there are plenty of titties, asses and pussies popping out this week. we find some dudes and pay them to wear some humiliating stuff as well. lastly our crew runs into tanya. she is hot and definitely likes the green paper. not before long we have her taking some clothes off and showing us her goods. jmac can hardly control himself so we whip out the fat wad and convince tanya to go all the way. watch jmac flip this babe around on his dick like a bundle of fun.!… enjoy!

moneytalks-amateur-bitches-fuck-for-money-whitney-taylorIf you have never done yoga naked you should. this week on moneytalks havoc pays a few girls to come back to the gym and do some naked yoga. next we are on the streets looking for someone to jerkoff our porn stud with a robo dutch rudder. we pay this one girl to come back to our van and jerk our boy off with our robo hands. our crew is feeling naughty inside a clothing store for the main event. we have plenty of cash and have all kinds of titties popping all over the store. this one dude comes in and gets a nasty wedgy but of course we break him off a bit of green. whitney walks in with her cute georgia accent and has jmac drooling like a lil school boy. it is hard to keep this animal controlled so we have to bring out the cash quickly. this lil georgia peach is gorgeous. jmac is fucking stoked and he makes sure he give!… enjoy!

moneytalks-amateur-bitches-fuck-for-money-ashleyThis week we are roaming the streets in search of some ladies that we feel may get off with our very own human beat box man bust a nice heavy beat on some pussy. we payed this one girl to come back to the studio and have her pussy hummed on. up next havoc is having some fun with jack again. he has got some very revealing pants on, and we have strapped a camera to his waist in order to capture peoples reaction to his horse cock. we find some unsuspecting girls glancing at his dick and pay them to give him a lil touch. next our crew encounters this couple inside a store. jose and ashlee are a pretty open minded pair and are willing to make some money. we payed the couple to show some skin inside the store and get a little loose. we want to see the real action, so tony pays the couple a thousand dollars to watch them fuck right inside the store.. enjoy!
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MoneyTalks: where the money rules the girls and they like it