Moneytalks bitches fuck

Money rules the girls and they like it – Hailey

Welcome to Money Talks – Where we find out just how far people will go for cold, hard, cash! We show how far will go people for money!
This week on money talks havoc is looking for some people to be street performers for us. she is walking around the beach and finds a couple who is willing to put on some body paint and be our sex statues. they hang out on the boardwalk and change sex positions as bystanders tip them. next we play volley ball s and m style. havoc pays these two dudes to put some gimp gear on and play a couple of hotties while they get beat into submission. last but not least our crew is combing the beach for some spring breakers. we get some titty flashes and pay a poor fool to hop in a garbage can for some cash. this one cutie pie named hailey is willing to hop in the ride with us and play some games for a nice wad of green. once inside our ride she is fair game and open for some fun. jmac gives this spring party girl some down south dick.
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MoneyTalks: where the money rules the girls and they like it