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mike-fucking-at-the-pool-latina-brenndaBrennda was tanning by the pool and wanted to get rubbed down with another coat of baby oil. My silly ass was busy filming her for you guys so I was unable to rub that irresistible ass. JB, like the moron he is, was too busy working on his supposed Olympic class swim stroke to really notice such a hot piece of ass in need of assistance. After I scolded him and brought her to his attention he jumped out of the pool and rushed to please her in every way imaginable.

mike-fucking-at-the-pool-latina-leilaRainy days cant stop us. We are like the United States Postal Service. Through rain…hail..sleet…snow we get the biggest baddest most bodacious ass in the world. Tony lucked out because I was a bit tired but I still managed to get a blowjob while he took full advantage and fucked Leila and her friend in the hot tub. This is quite possibly the single greatest shoot we have ever done.

mike-fucking-at-the-pool-latina-lanaThese girls get hotter every year. Global warming my ass…It is the girls of Brazil that are responsible for global warming. Lana is a dime that heated up Tony to the point he had to pour water on his dick while she was sucking it. Tan, big tittied ass-alicious woman. The real heat came from between her thighs ass Tony plowed her pussy like a farmer.