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Mike in Brazil – The never ending booty vacation!

mike-fucking-at-the-pool-latina-camilaWhat does a guy like me do when it rains in Brazil. The answer is simple…ORGY. Dino Anselmo and I managed to persuade two girls to let us shelter them from the certain storm. Im sure they knew what we were up to but in Brazil its all fair game. We bent their backs out and drowned them in cum. I have a feeling Anselmo is the product of his mother having an affair with the milk man because this guy creams fast and furious.

mike-fucking-at-the-pool-latina-leilaThe Jumbo tit deity is back with a vengeance gringos. Back by popular demand Leila decided to give me a taste of what she gave Tony last time. Now I see why Tony kept talking about her for weeks after. She has that more than supple spanish guitar figure. Small waste and huge tits and ass. I mean I was thirsty for a coke looking at that glass bottle physique. Thick in all the right places. I had to titty fuck her until I shot my load all over that inviting chest.

mike-fucking-at-the-pool-latina-solI was told by Anselmo to meet him and Dino at a pier on one of the many beaches here in Brazil. I thought he just wanted to shoot the shit or something so I really didnt want to link up with him. But once he told me he and Dino hooked up with some chicks I dont think I couldve gotten there any faster. They were with Sol and her friend Crystal. Both girls were fantastic so we took them back to the hotel and did everything we possibly could to get them to fuck the shit out of Dino and Anselmo. It didnt take much before Sol was all over Dino and believe it or not she wanted to get fucked in the ass first.

mike-fucking-at-the-pool-latina-natashiaAnspermo was going to man the cam today but as soon as Natashia walked in he pulled rank and became the luckiest man on earth. This girl has to be one of the all around hottest we ever filmed. Just check out her huge tits, firm round ass, beautiful pussy and you will definitely agree that it get no better than her.