Beauty and the senior

Beauty and the Senior: old men are like old whiskey!

“Gorgeous young girls… fucked silly… by a bunch of not so gorgeous old men!

Nathalie is visiting her uncle in his large abode but he is more interested in surfing the web than paying attention to his guest. So Nathalie decides to give him a lesson in entertainment – even if she as to drag him by the ear to the classroom!

Bernard has had a rough night on the tiles and trying to wake up in his hotel room he orders some coffee. A minute later Alisha arrives but Bernard has fallen asleep again and now it is up to her to keep the customer satisfied… which she does!

Just when Nicole is getting ready to go to a party a surprise visitor comes bubbling to the surface of her bathtub. Mike has been to England and brought her a surprise. Well, surprise… it depends a lot on what you can appreciate…