Mike's sexiest brazil babes

Mike in Brazil – The never ending booty vacation!

fucking-at-the-pool-and-beach-brazil-Flavia wanted to do a sexy photo shoot at our house after JB lied to her and told her he was a famous photographer. I knew exactly what he was trying to do so we set it all up and made believe we were filming a behind the scenes of the photo shoot. We both played her perfectly because she was so eager to impress that she didnt have any problems sucking and fucking JB. She even gave him some anal just in case he had some more modeling work for her.

fucking-at-the-pool-and-beach-brazil-There must be some kind of ass factory around here and we must be close to the source because we hooked up with a caramel complexion, green eyed seductive freak who was all game. Everything about her was sexy. She had a monstrous booty that bounced like it had hydraulics in it. I had to bow down and give her my prestigious best in show award. I am definitely not going back home after this one.

fucking-at-the-pool-and-beach-brazil-Sol decided to come by and hang out with us. Tony kept insisting I should call her. He couldnt get his mind off of her so I called her and she was more than happy to kick back and have fun with us again. She didnt waste any time once we got to the pool area. They flirted for a little while but she quickly ramped it up and started giving Tony a lap dance. Tony was ecstatic because he was able to fuck her in the ass and he nutted all over her face.

fucking-at-the-pool-and-beach-brazil-Nikki gives the term clitoral stimulation new meaning. It may be a jungle out there, but she has a knuckle down there. Anselmo went right for that shit, too. Then he fucked the shit out of her in all sorts of roughhouseing ways. She can suck a mean dick also. Right down to the balls. That is special…See, a womans special spot does not usually meet you half way. It usually stays under the hood and waits for you to find it….

fucking-at-the-pool-and-beach-brazil-What does a guy like me do when it rains in Brazil. The answer is simple…ORGY. Dino Anselmo and I managed to persuade two girls to let us shelter them from the certain storm. Im sure they knew what we were up to but in Brazil its all fair game. We bent their backs out and drowned them in cum. I have a feeling Anselmo is the product of his mother having an affair with the milk man because this guy creams fast and furious