Beauty and the senior

Beauty and the Senior: old men are like old whiskey!


“Gorgeous young girls… fucked silly… by a bunch of not so gorgeous old men!

On the hottest day of the year Peters car breaks down so he has to walk all the way over to his favorite bar. There, beautiful girl is just chatted up by the barkeeper but when he leaves she has a very unexpected surprise for our unfortunate driver…

When Marco is looking for his niece Edwina he finds her fast asleep on her bed, her pussy exposed for all to see. Turned on, he sits down for a quiet jerk off. He doesn’t notice however that the girl has woken up and is playing a game with him…

Jack is just having his afternoon nap when suddenly there is this blonde girl sitting next to him on the bed. As one would do, Jack attacks her with all the force he has in him. Which is not much. But finally he conquers her, panting like a steam engine!

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